Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Missing Link

As I toyed with the idea of going back to school to become a Registered Nurse (for humans), I found myself teetering between an unwillingness to leave veterinary medicine and a desire to further my education in order to elevate my level of medical knowledge and clinical skills.
It seemed that the more I learned here, at The VCC, the more that I realized how fascinating the field of Oncology was. I would hear Dr. Post frequently referencing human Oncology literature and I started to appreciate the undeniable link between veterinary and human Oncology.

I realized that going to Nursing School did not mean that I was going to be forced to make a choice between animals and people. It was becoming clear that Oncology was Oncology and that really, there didn’t need to be a line drawn between the species that I would work with.

Now that I have graduated and am proud to be both a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Registered Nurse, it is all starting to come together with my new role as Clinical Trial Coordinator.

Maybe you’re wondering what it is that a Clinical Trial Coordinator actually does…. Check out my next blog to hear more about I get to help patients receive cutting edge treatment (sometimes for free) while at the same time helping to further research for animals and humans with cancer!
Maria Salas, LVT, RN,  Clinical Trial Coordinator for VCC

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