Friday, September 14, 2012

You do what?

Ever since I was a child, I knew that I would be working with dogs and cats “when I grew up,” despite the only warm- blooded pet that I had growing up being a bird. I’m living that life now, and couldn’t be happier with where my career has taken me - I’m coming up on my 10-year anniversary of working with Dr. Post and David, our practice owners. I’m privileged to work with the amazing doctors and staff at The Veterinary Cancer Center.
I never fail to take the opportunity to tell people about where I work and what we do here. The response that I get from people is almost always one of two variations – it’s either “I had no idea anything like that existed for pets” or “I brought my pet (or my friend brought their pet) to the oncologists in Norwalk.” Yes, that’s where I work, and our group of doctors are the only veterinary oncology specialists in CT. When I go further into some examples of what kind of medicine we practice here, the cutting edge clinical trials we are involved in that can ultimately lead to human treatment advancements, the top of the line human equipment we use to provide radiation therapy, people are often shocked.

The next questions are almost always about the side effects – it’s always funny to me that most people’s first association with cancer treatment is “do they lose their hair?” Sometimes, they do lose some, but more importantly, we get to help our pets to have a better quality of life while they are fighting their disease – allowing them to spend happy time with their non-furry counterparts – us humans!
I will tell you about my own personal experience with canine cancer in my blog next month. Until then, go pet your pet!!

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