Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life Lessons

Most of my inspiration for writing these blogs comes from the patients we treat here.  I am always so amazed by them…how they handle coming in week after week, being treated and not having a clue why they are here, dealing with the side effects that come with some of the these treatments, but always happy, wagging their tails or purring, as if nothing is wrong.   They are true examples of what being brave means.   We can learn a lot from their outlook on life and the how they deal with their diagnosis.   Their hopeful and positive spirit is contagious, and gives their owners and others around them hope that all animals can be cured of this awful disease.

One example of this is when I met Tria; a 9 year old Belgian Sheep dog, who has been in remission for 3 years with B-cell Lymphoma.  She is an adorable dog with the sweetest disposition. What struck me the most during her recent visit was the interaction between her mom and a new client that was in the waiting room.  When she heard my conversation with Tria’s mom about her remission, the woman was so happy to hear that.  By seeing Tria, she knew she was doing the right thing for her dog and was reassured that there is hope.   Tria is a true example of what we are working so hard to achieve with each and every patient that we treat. 

Her success, I believe, is partly due to her lack of knowledge about her disease and living solely to bring joy to others.  Most of our pets have an “ignorance is bliss” life.  Which leads me to believe this is why they tend to cope with their diagnosis and treatment so well.  They have wonderful owners who have brought them here to try to cure them or, at the very least, give them a better quality of life as they are affected by cancer.   They are greeted (with lots of cookies and kisses), loved, and cared for every moment of their visit here with us.   And get to go back home to be pampered and spoiled again.   I feel that as humans, when we know too much, we put a tremendous amount of stress on ourselves.  I believe, that stress hinders our healing process and how our body fights disease.  We are too busy worrying about everything rather than enjoying the life we have.  Luckily, our pets have that luxury and we can learn from them.   I am so lucky to be able to in their circle and hopefully, learn something along the way, myself.


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