Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting to know you


     I thought I would use this first blog entry to introduce myself; I am Dr. Jaclyn Smith. I have been a proud member of the VCC family since July 2010, when I started a 3-year residency program in medical oncology. What’s a residency, you ask? A residency is a vigorous additional training in a specialized area of veterinary medicine. It’s typically a 3-year program, following completion of veterinary school and a 1-year internship. WOW, that’s a lot of school/training! I know! I was born and raised in Ohio, so it’s only natural that I attended The Ohio State University for undergraduate and veterinary school. GO BUCKS!! I then moved a bit further northwest, to the windy city, for my 1-year internship and following, worked my way down south for some warmer weather in Atlanta for a 1-year oncology specific internship. You see, the residency programs are highly competitive so some people choose to have an additional year of training in order to become more qualified and prepared for the rigorous residency. From there, my career took me to the east coast to join VCC.

      I grew up surrounded by animals and veterinary medicine. My dad, whom I get most of my passion from, is a veterinarian still practicing in Ohio. Having always had pets growing up, it’s only natural that I now share my home with my very own “zoo”!  My family consists of Neo, a10 year old wildly crazy, but lovable Boxer, Annabelle, a 9 year old wiggly and happy Boxer, Balboa, a 7 year old timid, but sweet Chihuahua, and Wally, the coolest 5 year old cat I know! But wait, that’s not it! I also share my home with an incredibly supportive boyfriend Stephen and my sister Erica, who is also my best friend.

                Well, that’s it for now, but more to come later!


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